Caution? Or Racism?

It’s not exactly a secret. You see it everywhere. On the majority of escort’s main website, or on their ads that they post to BP, and perhaps even here, at Erotic Monkey! There’s an elephant in the room worth mentioning, and it’s a black one.

“Please no black men.”
“Do not call if you’re black.”
“Absolutley no blacks.”

White, Asian, Latinas…hell, even African-American girls don’t want them! (I’m being totally serious; look here:

They don’t want to date, or “escort” African-American men! The question is…why? Here are a couple reasons I think they might have the shorter end of the stick, when it comes to escort business.

Social media. Let’s face it, the media has portrayed most African-American men in a negative light. From gangs, to pimps, to prisoners, and murderers…when you hear about an African-American man on the news, it’s rarely ever for anything good. I believe this has put a very stereotypical “spotlight” on most black males, and most providers will automatically assume they are filled with just as much hate and violence as they see on TV. White women clutch their purses as a strange black man walks by, Asian women will literally be scaredby the pigmentation difference in their skin (check out this video:, and so on and so forth. Does this give an unfair advantage to everyone else who ISN’T black?

Size. When compared with an African-American man…the majority of races will fall short. There’s no arguing that black men have it good…from a male’s perspective. Having a giant cock almost immediately puts you at the top of the food chain, right? However, this same perspective doesn’t apply to all women…ESPECIALLY Asians. They’re used to a small to average size penis, so when they have a whopping 10-inches in front of them; it’s easy to see why they’d be terrified to stick something the size and length of their forearm into their vaginas. Same goes for every other girl who isn’t black…not everyone is accustomed to getting “fisted” every time they get that call for work. Do you think this is a fair reason for not wanting to take on an African-American man?

Good ol’ fashion racism. As much as I’d like to believe that racism shouldn’t exist, especially in this time and era…it does. And sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. I am certain that with the sheer, high-population of escorts…there are some who just don’t like African-American men, based on the color or difference of their skin. How often do you think that escorts turn down African-American males, solely because they think they’re superior to them?

I’m sure there are many more intricate (or much more simple) reasons why the phrase, “please, no African-American gentlemen” is seen so much in this business, but I’m going to leave the rest for you to decide. Why do YOU think African-Americans aren’t prominent clients in the escorting world?

Jayme May 31, 2018 | Reply

Part of the reason I have heard is because of the size. Some of the other reasons is because a lot of young men that call to harass a provider into working for her are either Latinos or young African American men. But on the other hand I have no qualm about being selective in telling the young pimps to get lost and then still I will see any race of man as long as we are both happy with our comfort level together.
Every human being on this earth is different and you just do the best you can and be kind to someone and (unless they are harassing you on the phone to work for them) then it should not matter what race the gentleman is.Everyone in this world needs to be close to someone one time or another.

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