Earning Your Escort’s trust.

Trust, like love, is such a fickle thing. And in this particular aspect, trust is not just fickle, but an absolute luxury and privilege. You hear of stings and undercover cops all the time, which might cause a bit of paranoia in the minds of those that want nothing more than to call up a DDG (drop-dead-gorgeous) escort that you’ve just found online. But think about it on the other end. Don’t you think your escort has heard/read the same type of news, and are just as paranoid/suspicious? Even more so, they have a greater chance of getting caught, as it’s their livelihood to them, and not just a one-time thing; they have a good reason to be more cautious than you. So here are a few tips to ease your way into your Escort’s heart and trust.


  1. Initial contact. Don’t say anything out of line, even if you’re joking. At least, not right off the bat. First impressions are everything nowadays. For instance, if she has a site, and there’s a comment section, don’t write anything lewd or stupid. Be polite and courteous. On a similar note, if she requires you to text or call, don’t say anything along the lines of, “I want you so bad”, “I want you to wet my dick”, or “I want to tongue-punch your fart-box”. Treat this situation as if you were calling your doctor for the first time, and were inquiring about setting up an appointment. Story time: I had a friend who called an agency for an escort, and the first thing this moron said on the phone was, “I would like one sex, to-go please!”. This mentally-challenged, autistic, brain-dead retard was then blacklisted from that entire agency, and it’s sister agency. Things can get hairy and go South quickly, if you don’t use your head.

  2. Verification. This part isn’t just to see if you’re experienced in bed or not; far from it. This is one of the most crucial parts of gaining your escort’s trust, as this is the process in which they weed out whether you’re an undercover officer of law enforcement, or not. Don’t be stubborn or rude. Don’t talk like you’re the one in charge, simply because you’re the client. In this line of business, the customer is not always right. This isn’t Mcdonalds or Burger King, and you don’t get it your way. Answer everything she has to ask, and if it’s reaching or too personal, make sure you tell her gently that there are a few things that you’d like to keep private. But do your best to appease her. She’s playing it safe, and it’s your job to make her feel that way. If this is your first time, be candid with her. Don’t try and act all experienced if you’re not; these girls have encountered plenty of first-timers, and know how to treat them well. After she’s done questioning you, ask some on her end! No better way to show your interest and true intent, than to ask her what her favorite wine is, or what kind of music she likes, or favorite flower, blablabla. I could go on and on. Find out what you can use to your advantage when you show up at her door. Of course, make sure you’re asking questions she hasn’t already answered on her site. No one likes to repeat themselves.

  3. “Meet and Greet”. If you thought first impressions over the phone/internet were important, than you were horribly mistaken. They are, but once you’re past that; this is where it gets real. Some escorts will want to see you in public at first, obviously for safety reasons, while some won’t give a rat’s ass, and show up right at your door. I can’t stress this information enough; SMILE. Right when you see her, flash her your big whites; there’s nothing more comforting for an escort to see that her client is friendly and happy to see her. Also, it’ll seem less likely that you’re a serial killer. What, you don’t think escorts watch Dexter, or have heard of Jack the Ripper? Also, if you enjoy taking recreational drugs, don’t do it on the first-time meet. Some escorts will have no issue leaving immediately, once they see you’re drugged out, or too wasted to control yourself. Don’t even drink, unless you’re sharing something with her. Speaking of, if she refuses your drink, don’t push it. Think of how serial-killer-esque it is, constantly pushing her a drink that she doesn’t know is roofied or not. Again, use your head. She might ask you for some ID. DO NOT ASK, “why?”. They’re more than likely to think you’re a wired, undercover pig. Make some light conversation with her to break the ice; it will warm up the situation at hand, and make things easier to get into. And again, make sure to smile in a warm, gentle manner!

  4. Tips. Always leave this out in plain sight, preferably in a white envelope. Don’t have it rolled up in a rubber band, or crumpled up in your pocket. Some escorts don’t require tipping…but if they go the extra mile, there’s no better way in earning their trust and favor, than by giving them a tip they deserve (I’m not talking about $20 measly dollars; she isn’t some measly sushi waitress).

  5. Lastly, and most importantly…NO means NO. You are paying for the EXPERIENCE, and not the WOMAN. Don’t get things twisted in your head. You do not own the escort, or her body, and if she isn’t comfortable with something you’re doing, and mentions it; cut that shit out immediately. Don’t violate the trust you’ve so carefully built in a single, stupid move.

If you follow these guidelines, use a bit of common sense; your escort experience should be a much smoother, and jollier experience. And of course, if you had a good time, be sure to write a review! Sharing your experience is half the fun, and your information will go a long way in helping others have a great time of their own.

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