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CITYHOTTIES Worldwide Banner Advertising Options

Become an CITYHOTTIES Worldwide advertiser today and take advantage of’s incredible daily traffic to draw attention to yourself and your site. We offer a variety of banner advertising packages to suit your advertising needs. Whether you are a Verified Provider or Agency, Photographer, Screening Service, Website operator, or other Business Resource for Escorts, we can put you or your business on display in front of a huge audience with thousands of visitors each day. Subscribe today and NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE.There are a variety of Subscription-based banner placement options available to ALL members of the site.

Top Placement Header Banner (728×90)– Top placement banners are large in size (728×90) and rotate with other advertisers at the top of EVERY page. This program is a very effective means of reaching all areas of the site. You may use a variety of file types for your banner which include GIF, JPG, PNG, and the popular SWF file format (FLASH) (Max file size: 300 kB)

Banner Ad Combo Package (728×90 and 150×60) – By selecting this package you will take advantage of a substantial discount by selecting the premium combo options which include both top page (728×60) and advertiser column (150×60) banner placement. A great value!!

Side Column (Static – Various Sizes) – This package has generated mass interest from serious advertisers who wish to give their website a prime spot in the view of our readers at all times on every page of the site. This is a static placement in high-visibility areas, which means constant exposure to all of our readers throughout every section of Cityhotties. If you are interested in getting thousands of daily impressions with excellent click-thru, the premium block subscription is for you. This is available as a 150×150, 150×300, 150×450, or 150×600

Navigational Tabs URL Link Package – Send readers to your website by placing a direct link within the CITYHOTTIES Worldwide Navigational Tab bar. Your tab will appear on every page view generated on the site. Take your tab site-wide for impressive results!

Text URL Link – We are now offering an affordable option which displays a text link to your site which resides within the CITYHOTTIES Main Menu. This Menu displays on every page load…so get a link and reap the rewards.

Site-wide  Banners – This placement exposes you to the audience of your choosing, (site-wide, or a specific metro location) and is available in 2 sizes – 468×60 or 150×60 – to fit your advertising budget. Maximum exposure and greatest click-thru comes from these locations, as they are in a prominent location atop the forum display, visible from each forum, each thread, and every post.

Footer Ads – Display prominent text ads for multiple URLs and/or a large, attention-getting 728×90 banner. Attract our traffic to your content on the largest banner spot on the site!

Popunder Advertising – Display your content to every visitor to the site every day, whether they are visiting our desktop site or mobile version  Contact us at This Address to discuss pricing and availability. (This is a very popular option! If you have interest, get your name on the waiting list ASAP)

 All Available Banner placement pricing at the rate of 99$ /Slot per month limited slots available !



To purchase the desired Advertising plans you have to contact us using link below 


After Payment Email Us your Banners & Details of the Plan you wish to activate , with the payment receipt to “” for activation of the respective plan.

Within 24 hrs Our Team will activate Your Plan.

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