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Pussy Insurance

With Valentines Day being just days removed, I would like to talk about a very serious topic for those of us not in relationships on this day:  Pussy Insurance.  I was “introduced” to this hot girl through an online dating site about two weeks ago and we hit it off.  Similar family backgrounds, taste in music and food, the whole nine.  I was thinking that man, this girl could be the one.  The woman of my dreams, the yin to my yang, the apple of my eye.  She was going to be away all week, so Saturday (Valentines Day) was open for both of us.

I went all out for this girl.  Showered, pressed the suit, made reservations at Spagos, bouquet of roses and a box of Godiva.  I even put a condom in the wallet for the impending sex that we were going to have that night.  Being a realist, I knew that there was a HIGH probability that I was going to hook up with this girl, but what if I didn’t?  I needed to make sure that I was going to get some that night and would even pay in advance to get it.  Thus, the last thing I did was get some Pussy Insurance.  I called up one of my fave escorts and let her know that I would be prepaying for an hour of her time on Valentines regardless of whether I show up or not.

I met the girl from the Interwebs for dinner that night and she looked hot.  Tight little red number with some matching heels.  I gave her the flowers and candy and she seemed happy as well as my choice of restaurant.  Conversation was great and the wine was flowing.  I think a good time was being had by all.  After dinner, we grabbed some ice cream and found a bench to continue chatting and then a short make-out session.
I am thinking this is gonna work out well for me.  First date and I am already tonguing this girl.  Well, as it turns out, it didn’t work out that well.  She gets a call.  Its Mom, she needs something and it can’t wait until after we have sex.  She apologizes profusely and gives me one last kiss before saying she wants to do this again.

Well that totally sucked balls.  No hookup on V-day with my potential ex-wife.  Luckily, I have pussy insurance for this night….and my premium has been pre-paid.  I called up my fave escort and let her know that I would be on my way.  I won’t get into too many details, but that condom did get used that night, along with a couple others that she had to provide. So, let that be a lesson for you fellas, if you don’t have a sure thing on Valentines Day, make sure you pick up some insurance.

Caution? Or Racism?

It’s not exactly a secret. You see it everywhere. On the majority of escort’s main website, or on their ads that they post to BP, and perhaps even here, at Erotic Monkey! There’s an elephant in the room worth mentioning, and it’s a black one.

“Please no black men.”
“Do not call if you’re black.”
“Absolutley no blacks.”

White, Asian, Latinas…hell, even African-American girls don’t want them! (I’m being totally serious; look here:

They don’t want to date, or “escort” African-American men! The question is…why? Here are a couple reasons I think they might have the shorter end of the stick, when it comes to escort business.

Social media. Let’s face it, the media has portrayed most African-American men in a negative light. From gangs, to pimps, to prisoners, and murderers…when you hear about an African-American man on the news, it’s rarely ever for anything good. I believe this has put a very stereotypical “spotlight” on most black males, and most providers will automatically assume they are filled with just as much hate and violence as they see on TV. White women clutch their purses as a strange black man walks by, Asian women will literally be scaredby the pigmentation difference in their skin (check out this video:, and so on and so forth. Does this give an unfair advantage to everyone else who ISN’T black?

Size. When compared with an African-American man…the majority of races will fall short. There’s no arguing that black men have it good…from a male’s perspective. Having a giant cock almost immediately puts you at the top of the food chain, right? However, this same perspective doesn’t apply to all women…ESPECIALLY Asians. They’re used to a small to average size penis, so when they have a whopping 10-inches in front of them; it’s easy to see why they’d be terrified to stick something the size and length of their forearm into their vaginas. Same goes for every other girl who isn’t black…not everyone is accustomed to getting “fisted” every time they get that call for work. Do you think this is a fair reason for not wanting to take on an African-American man?

Good ol’ fashion racism. As much as I’d like to believe that racism shouldn’t exist, especially in this time and era…it does. And sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. I am certain that with the sheer, high-population of escorts…there are some who just don’t like African-American men, based on the color or difference of their skin. How often do you think that escorts turn down African-American males, solely because they think they’re superior to them?

I’m sure there are many more intricate (or much more simple) reasons why the phrase, “please, no African-American gentlemen” is seen so much in this business, but I’m going to leave the rest for you to decide. Why do YOU think African-Americans aren’t prominent clients in the escorting world?

Lost my virginity to an escort. Unexpected results Ensued. What happened your first time?

So, I’m a 20 year old guy. Was a virgin this morning. I had decided a while ago that I was sick of the V-card and wanted to get rid of it. I also didn’t want to be extremely awkward and have no idea what I was doing when I actually have sex with someone I’m in a relationship with. And so, my search for the perfect escort began.

I found a really good company that had really good local women, and at fairly high standards and charges. Looked good to me. Booked an hour with a girl at her apartment and went on my merry way. I have to say that at this point while I was waiting at her door that I was really really fucking nervous.

So, she opens the door and she looks pretty much exactly how she looked in her pictures (thank God for that) which means that she was extremely fucking hot. She took me into her bedroom and I said that it was my first time so I’d like her to lead.

“Oh first time using an escort?”

“Uhh… no. First time, first time”

“Oh! You’re a virgin?”


So she took the lead, we took our clothes off and laid down by each other and started off with some kissing while she was stroking me to “get me hard”. Kissing was pretty meh and I wasn’t excited as I thought I would be. I thought that was fine and I’ll probably get into it once things got hot and heavy.

Next up, she put a condom on me and started sucking me off. I guess it felt good, but again, my feelings were basically… “meh”. I just laid there and she kept sucking and sucking and well, I could tell that nothing was going to happen, so I just asked her to jump on.

She swapped the condom and slipped my penis inside her. That was it, this was the moment I was waiting for, this was going to feel AMAZING.


Again, I guess it felt good, but again, was extremely meh. I started thrusting back, but ended up getting bored and just laid there. She swapped to reverse-cowgirl position, and it felt better, but it was still really boring.

I asked if I could be on top, and started doing her missionary style. I guess that was a bit better, but not by much. At this point, I just wanted to bust my nut and get out of there. This was not at all how I expected, I thought I was going to be so psyched that I would bust within a few seconds. So, I got her to turn around and started doing her from behind and just thrust as fast as I could. I was worried I wasn’t going to cum for a second and considered faking it, but sure enough, a few more minutes and I was feeling like I was about to cum. Went for it for a bit more, and.. well. LIFTOFF.

Then I just laid there for a bit, we had a bit of a chat, I asked her what time it was and turned out I had 25 more minutes (I’ve booked an hour) so I could have rested and had another round if I wanted to, but in all honesty, the best way I could describe the encounter was “assisted masturbation”

Before I went, I was expecting to either leave in a moral crisis (for losing it to an escort) or to be hooked on it. I had no idea that I would leave feeling, well, nothing. To be honest, I still consider myself a virgin. That was not sex, that was not what sex was supposed to be.

So, by the end of it, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m glad I went as I now realize what little sex means if it’s not with someone you’re really into. I’m not naive, I knew there would be no emotional connection, but I thought there would be a sort of physical intimacy. I mean I was having sex with a woman for crying out loud, there had to be SOMETHING. I also now realize how little the “V-card” matters. It really really doesn’t. At least not as far as sex goes. I’m now redefining the meaning of the word “virgin” to myself. Now, losing your virginity doesn’t mean having sex, it means being in a proper relationship with a girl you really care about.

The only downside honestly is that I feel like I wasted a bit of money. Then again, thinking about it, no matter how meh the experience was, if I didn’t have it, I would probably still be stressing over the idea of sex.

So.. in the end, no regrets. Certainly no moral crisis because I felt like that meant nothing, so there’s nothing to panic over. But yeah, that’s my story, and I’m sure as fuck not telling it to anyone I know, but I wanted to put it out there.

What happened your first time?  Good, Bad, and War stories welcome.

Earning Your Escort’s trust.

Trust, like love, is such a fickle thing. And in this particular aspect, trust is not just fickle, but an absolute luxury and privilege. You hear of stings and undercover cops all the time, which might cause a bit of paranoia in the minds of those that want nothing more than to call up a DDG (drop-dead-gorgeous) escort that you’ve just found online. But think about it on the other end. Don’t you think your escort has heard/read the same type of news, and are just as paranoid/suspicious? Even more so, they have a greater chance of getting caught, as it’s their livelihood to them, and not just a one-time thing; they have a good reason to be more cautious than you. So here are a few tips to ease your way into your Escort’s heart and trust.


  1. Initial contact. Don’t say anything out of line, even if you’re joking. At least, not right off the bat. First impressions are everything nowadays. For instance, if she has a site, and there’s a comment section, don’t write anything lewd or stupid. Be polite and courteous. On a similar note, if she requires you to text or call, don’t say anything along the lines of, “I want you so bad”, “I want you to wet my dick”, or “I want to tongue-punch your fart-box”. Treat this situation as if you were calling your doctor for the first time, and were inquiring about setting up an appointment. Story time: I had a friend who called an agency for an escort, and the first thing this moron said on the phone was, “I would like one sex, to-go please!”. This mentally-challenged, autistic, brain-dead retard was then blacklisted from that entire agency, and it’s sister agency. Things can get hairy and go South quickly, if you don’t use your head.

  2. Verification. This part isn’t just to see if you’re experienced in bed or not; far from it. This is one of the most crucial parts of gaining your escort’s trust, as this is the process in which they weed out whether you’re an undercover officer of law enforcement, or not. Don’t be stubborn or rude. Don’t talk like you’re the one in charge, simply because you’re the client. In this line of business, the customer is not always right. This isn’t Mcdonalds or Burger King, and you don’t get it your way. Answer everything she has to ask, and if it’s reaching or too personal, make sure you tell her gently that there are a few things that you’d like to keep private. But do your best to appease her. She’s playing it safe, and it’s your job to make her feel that way. If this is your first time, be candid with her. Don’t try and act all experienced if you’re not; these girls have encountered plenty of first-timers, and know how to treat them well. After she’s done questioning you, ask some on her end! No better way to show your interest and true intent, than to ask her what her favorite wine is, or what kind of music she likes, or favorite flower, blablabla. I could go on and on. Find out what you can use to your advantage when you show up at her door. Of course, make sure you’re asking questions she hasn’t already answered on her site. No one likes to repeat themselves.

  3. “Meet and Greet”. If you thought first impressions over the phone/internet were important, than you were horribly mistaken. They are, but once you’re past that; this is where it gets real. Some escorts will want to see you in public at first, obviously for safety reasons, while some won’t give a rat’s ass, and show up right at your door. I can’t stress this information enough; SMILE. Right when you see her, flash her your big whites; there’s nothing more comforting for an escort to see that her client is friendly and happy to see her. Also, it’ll seem less likely that you’re a serial killer. What, you don’t think escorts watch Dexter, or have heard of Jack the Ripper? Also, if you enjoy taking recreational drugs, don’t do it on the first-time meet. Some escorts will have no issue leaving immediately, once they see you’re drugged out, or too wasted to control yourself. Don’t even drink, unless you’re sharing something with her. Speaking of, if she refuses your drink, don’t push it. Think of how serial-killer-esque it is, constantly pushing her a drink that she doesn’t know is roofied or not. Again, use your head. She might ask you for some ID. DO NOT ASK, “why?”. They’re more than likely to think you’re a wired, undercover pig. Make some light conversation with her to break the ice; it will warm up the situation at hand, and make things easier to get into. And again, make sure to smile in a warm, gentle manner!

  4. Tips. Always leave this out in plain sight, preferably in a white envelope. Don’t have it rolled up in a rubber band, or crumpled up in your pocket. Some escorts don’t require tipping…but if they go the extra mile, there’s no better way in earning their trust and favor, than by giving them a tip they deserve (I’m not talking about $20 measly dollars; she isn’t some measly sushi waitress).

  5. Lastly, and most importantly…NO means NO. You are paying for the EXPERIENCE, and not the WOMAN. Don’t get things twisted in your head. You do not own the escort, or her body, and if she isn’t comfortable with something you’re doing, and mentions it; cut that shit out immediately. Don’t violate the trust you’ve so carefully built in a single, stupid move.

If you follow these guidelines, use a bit of common sense; your escort experience should be a much smoother, and jollier experience. And of course, if you had a good time, be sure to write a review! Sharing your experience is half the fun, and your information will go a long way in helping others have a great time of their own.

What Makes a Good Client?

Almost everything that makes a client good is motivated by respect for the escort.

A good client recognizes the escort as an individual.

First and foremost, a good client is a man who recognizes that his paid companion is an individual woman and he respects her as a person. This usually requires some maturity in the client (which is why a lot of escorts don’t want to see men under 30), along with having had some solid relationships with women (also part of the reason for the 30-and-over rule).

Often, men who haven’t had much experience with escorts don’t understand this concept. They see escorts as a commodity or service and not as a personal relationship. With enough experiences, or meeting the right escort, they usually realize their mistake in perception and change their ideas about the person they pay for companionship.

Some men refuse to see any escort as more than a living sex doll. These men are almost universally loathed by escorts.

Good clients realize that they’re arranging to meet a person and start a relationship, much like dating. They view the search for an escort as informed blind-dating, not shopping for tires.

…pays correctly and is clean.

A good client shows his respect in two tangible ways. He always pays the correct amount without any fuss and he is clean.

Many escorts require payment up front in an envelope. A good client understands her rules and follows them to the letter (this usually involves not drawing attention to the moment). This establishes a lot of trust with her and he shows that he respects the way she chooses to run her business. (There are escorts who don’t require payment up front, but a client who does so anyway always wins points.) Even if he chooses to pay at the end of their time, he does so quickly and without a lot of discussion. It goes without saying that the amount is always correct.

And he is clean.

This is not always possible for a client coming straight from the office or an airplane. In that case, he will take advantage of any shower facilities he or the escort has available. It’s only polite and a good client is polite!

Many escorts like to keep mouthwash or sample-sized toothbrushes/toothpaste handy as well. A good client intuitively knows why those items are there and uses them if he needs to.
…doesn’t haggle.

A good client does not haggle or negotiate. An escort’s rates are her rates. Period. If he wants a better deal, he can become a regular client and try to negotiate from there (with a better chance of success) or he searches for someone within his financial range.

All escorts are luxury items, no matter what they actually charge. A paid companion is not a basic necessity for life. Good clients recognize payment for what it is – a charge for an out-of-the-ordinary personal experience.

In the US it’s considered rude to haggle. I don’t know about other countries.

…doesn’t push boundaries.

A good client does not try to push boundaries. I discuss physical and emotional boundaries in Book 1: The Foundation. A good client doesn’t try to force his way past whatever boundary lines an escort decides to draw in her work.

Some men think such boundaries are there as a personal challenge. Others feel they can use money as a tool to bribe their way past the comfort zone. These men aren’t good clients. A good client respects his companion and realizes there’s a reason for how she structures her work. An escort can create any number of boundaries for herself – from safer sex to intimacy to travel arrangements; she makes her decisions based on what she feels is best for her well-being.

There are clients who are invited to cross the lines. (They’re always good clients, which is why they get the invitation in the first place.) Her safer sex practices should never be flexible, but she may feel comfortable enough to relax some of her other boundaries. A good client is a man who recognizes that the lady leads this dance and waits for her to bring him further into her comfort zone.
…understands screening.

A good client understands why an escort needs to screen and willingly shares the information she requests. Of course, good clients are also worried about what happens with their information. They will do their best to find escorts that seem reputable, reliable, selective, discreet and trustworthy. An escort who wants to attract good clients will make sure she doesn’t cause doubts in an already-skeptical potential client.

Men who don’t care about an escort’s safety won’t be willing to give even minimal screening information. They aren’t good clients.
…respects an escort’s time.

A good client is respectful of an escort’s time. He doesn’t waste her time with endless e-mails/phone calls before meeting (unless she openly encourages the correspondence). He doesn’t waste her time with numerous cancellations and rescheduling. He doesn’t break an appointment without calling first. He is on time for appointments; not early, not late. Nor does he try to extend his allotted time with her (he can ask, but she may have other plans). If she doesn’t like last-minute appointments, or appointments on certain days/times, he doesn’t make those requests.

In short, a good client treats an escort’s time as valuable to her; much as his time is probably valuable to him.
…is discreet.

A good client is discreet. Many escorts don’t like explicit reviews or don’t allow any reviews. A good client will respect her wishes about reviews and behave accordingly.

Discretion also extends to any time they spend together in public. No escort wants attention drawn to her while she’s with a client. Likewise, she doesn’t like spending time with an overly-prying client. Although a good client is genuinely interested in his companion, he understands the line between personal interest and being intrusive.
…understands the mystery of chemistry.

A good client recognizes that this is a very personal business. Sometimes people have chemistry, and sometimes they don’t. Not everyone will always get along with everyone else. Sometimes the client grates on the escort’s nerves. Sometimes she can’t find his wavelength. Good clients understand that professional escorts make every effort to make him happy. And if they don’t click; it wasn’t meant to be.

Although they probably will not see this particular escort again, good clients capable of recognizing these concepts. Such mismatches are not reflections on either party. (I’m simply talking about a lack of magic happening, not instances where either party was harmed in some way.)
…is good company.

A good client is nearly always a positive person. Misery may love company, but company does not really like hanging around misery. Some men visit escorts precisely because they need cheering up. But a constantly depressed client who never seems to enjoy the attention they receive from their companions will never be a favored client. They may be harmless in every other way, but a miserable person is a miserable person. Escorts enjoy feeling like they’ve made a difference, even if for a small amount of time. An always-gloomy client ends up depressing his companion as well.

Clients who are extremely sexist, racist or whose personal beliefs make an escort uncomfortable probably won’t be considered good clients. Of course, this is a personality mismatch and every escort has different levels of tolerance.
…doesn’t need to make bribes.

Good clients are not necessarily the ones who tip or bring gifts. Often they are. But sometimes tippers or gift-bearers do this because they know they’re difficult to deal with and are trying to smooth the way. For most escorts, a man is a good client because of the quality of his company and not the quality of his material gifts.
…sees the escort more than once.

Nearly all good clients become good clients by seeing an escort fairly often. Building a relationship takes time and once is usually not enough to produce more than a fond memory.

Of course, a first visit that lasts several hours or days goes a much longer way to establishing the relationship than one or two hours.

The Final Factor

What makes a good client often has a lot to do with what the escort wants out of a client. Although the factors I list seem to be pretty universal, the final factor of what makes a good client is the escort in question.

One man could see two different escorts and behave in a completely polite and respectful manner with both; yet one escort will like him more than the other escort. It comes down to personality. After all, this is a people business.

How to keep escort encounters discrete

The reason that indulgences with the escort industry are so successful is discretion. The business would not be beneficial to anyone if it were conducted openly, in the public, in the view of clients’ family members, friends and colleagues. As they are learning the ropes, escorts discover the significance of acting in such a manner that their dalliances with clients fly under the radar, both with clients’ lives and their own privacy at stake. But, many clients fail to realize the roles they play in keeping their escapades under wraps.

When you book an encounter with an escort, there are several things you should be doing to keep your actions a secret. This is especially true if your interest in an escort is not an isolated whim. Take these precautions to ensure your secret remains just that:

  • Use as many anonymous email accounts as you can manage. Even if others don’t have the passwords to your main email accounts, they may be easily accessible from your computer or phone. Access to any emails that disclose your communications with escorts will expose your activities to family members, friends and colleagues. The best way to avoid accidental discovery by others is to limit all correspondence to anonymous accounts that won’t be innocently seen by accidental viewings. For example, if your wife is attempting to find information about the gas bill, she might check for the updated statement in your email account, unintentionally stumbling upon your last email from the escort you’re going to see Thursday evening. Don’t put your secret at risk by failing to protect it. It’s easier than ever to establish a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account that isn’t linked to anything else you regularly use. Avoid checking this account on your home computer or other personal devices you allow others to use. Additionally, you should never use your work computer or tablet to communicate with an escort, either. In your absence at work, another colleague may utilize your computer to complete a task, inadvertently running across your sexy emails.
  • Use a prepaid phone. Use cash or a prepaid (with cash) credit card to buy a cheap, basic phone + airtime in convenient increments from TracFone or a similar company. This is the most untraceable option. Be sure to keep this phone out of sight. Turn it on only when needed, then turn it off.
  • Act diligently to hide your escort communications if you use your work equipment or personal mobile phone. Some clients choose to use one phone for business, personal and escort activities, because shuffling around different mobiles is confusing and inconvenient. If you choose to incorporate all of your contacts onto one phone, realize that you run a high risk of someone finding out about you and an escort. But, there are ways to hide your actions. The first thing to avoid doing is saving your escort’s contact information. Even though it’s much handier when you can just look her up in your contact list, it provides access to her number and information to others. And, if you call or text her or him, the name will show up in the call or text log. Also, carefully delete call logs or text messages that show communication with your escort. Get rid of pictures that you exchanged, and password protect your phone. (This won’t ensure that your phone is secure from prying eyes, but it will help.) Consider installing a protective application that will safeguard your phone. One to try is BlackBook, available for iPhone and Android users. It hides your secret contact list, provides a fake name and number when contacts call or text and doesn’t show up on your phone’s app listings. It can only be accessed through a keypad code, ensuring that your details stay private.
  • Keep your browsing history clear. If you have been exploring the options in the escort industry by browsing escort directories, you should hide your browsing history to eliminate the chance for discovery by others. You never know when someone may pop open your laptop to check their Facebook account or checking account balance. Odds are that nobody will check your browsing history, but it’s better to have no history in the first place. (And, if your spouse or partner is suspicious of any of your recent actions, your browsing history will be the first thing he or she checks.) One of the easiest ways to keep your Internet habits to yourself is to only browse in private. To start a private browsing session in Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N; in Firefox and Internet Explorer – Ctrl+Shift+P. Instead of hiding your browser tracks, you can go one step further and create nearly zero tracks by using a virtual machine.
  • Be a safe and smart driver as you travel to your encounter. It’s always best if your escort has an incall or is able to meet in a location that is common to your normal routine. Going far out of your way to an encounter could get you in trouble if you’re seen away from your usual stomping grounds, causing questions that you’ll have to lie to answer. Additionally, when you drive to an encounter, be extremely cautious to avoid wrecks or traffic violations. Any documented incidents could “out” your activities or, at the very least, attract unnecessary attention to your whereabouts. Use care when parking your vehicle, as parking tickets can come back to haunt you, too. In general, if you’re going to be places that you normally don’t travel to, be extra careful to avoid issues that result in revealing your intentions. Turn off Waze before you head out, or clear “Recent destinations” in your GPS unit when you are back.
  • Pay with cash, everywhere, always. As you travel to or from your escort, you may need to get gas, buy a bottle of wine or get a sandwich. For many clients, it’s common practice to whip out a card. Avoid this at all costs, as it creates a record. Your activity can be traced easily on a credit card statement, causing questions about why you were in a certain town or away from the office at a specific time. The best method to avoid being caught this way is to pay with cash. And, be sure to throw away your receipts. If you buy milk at a grocery store across town as you travel home (instead of the store on the corner), that receipt could create a lot of curiosity about your whereabouts.
  • Implement bank account smarts to avoid your secret getting out. For some clients, an escort’s rate is a pretty serious chunk of change. Withdrawing cash from your account to pay your escort may make a fairly obvious dent in your balance. Even if it doesn’t significantly influence your balance, it may be a sizable enough withdrawal to gain attention. Don’t act in ways that will make others with access to your account suspicious. Consider making smaller, more numerous withdrawals days ahead of the encounter as a way to accumulate enough money for your escort’s fee. Or, as you get paid, funnel money into another account (at a different bank) that is used exclusively for your intimate activities. Nobody else’s name should be on the account, and you can make deposits and withdrawals with confidence. Just make sure that the amount you funnel into this account isn’t missed in your household budget.
  • Shower after an encounter. Going back home to your partner smelling like someone else is a sure tip-off that some hanky panky is going on. Even if you’re not going back home, the scent of an escort’s perfume or lotion may linger enough that it would be noticeable at the office or other environments you may find yourself in. Avoid suspicions by washing off any traces of your tryst. A quick shower also wipes away an make-up or lipstick evidence that may remain on your face, neck or other body parts. As you shower, avoid using scented soaps or lotions. If that’s all that is available, simply rinse off well and towel dry yourself vigorously. That is typically sufficient to rid yourself of any residual odor.
  • Dress for your excuse. Many clients use an excuse to get free time for an encounter. Some may go golfing and others have to go to the office, for example. When you utilize an excuse, make sure that you dress accordingly and take proper accessories with you to give your activity legitimacy. If you’re “going golfing,” take your clubs and golf glove with you. If you’re “staying late at work,” don’t show back up at home in cargo shorts and a polo shirt, already changed from your business attire. Look the part for your excuse and you will attract less attention to yourself, which is the best way to get away discreetly.
  • Make sure you know where you are going. Many perfectly discreet encounters have been ruined by a client mistakenly knocking on the wrong door and making a suggestive or unusual comment. Going to your escort’s neighbor’s apartment and telling the lady who answers the door that “you’ve been thinking about her all day” isn’t going to get you the discretion you are hoping for. Plus, your escort is probably going to be extremely upset with you for your brazenness and inability to follow directions. If you are unsure that you have the right address or know where you are going, call or text to verify your location. Don’t knock on a neighbor’s door and ask if “Sue” lives next door. (Sue is not the name her neighbors know her by.) Not only does it demonstrate your lack of discretion, but it also endangers your escort’s reputation and privacy.
  • Don’t attract attention. Avoid being loud or intrusive in hallways. Your behavior may easily attract the attention of passers-by and security personnel in a hotel or other building. Dress for where you are going, if possible. (If you’re seeing an escort in an upscale high-rise, don’t show up in an old t-shirt and basketball shorts.) If you look out of place, you will certainly be noticed, and not in a good way. Acting suspicious by looking around and trying to get your bearings may also get you unwanted attention. If you’re unsure where you’re going, pause in a hallway and call for further directions. Or, simply wait in the lobby for more specific instructions. Gadding about looking lost won’t help you in your efforts of discretion.
  • Avoid loud exclamations during the encounter. Clients who have a habit of being vocally excited during the height of climax should realize that some incalls have thin walls. Be conscious of how sound travels in your escort’s bedroom, quieting things down if neighbors can hear loud noises from your activities. This is really her problem to solve, but it ends up being a part of the discretion issue you should be concerned with. If calming your vocalizations is difficult, try out being muffled or gagged with a soft scarf during a moment of pleasure. This little taste of bondage may be even more exciting than ripping out a loud groan of ecstasy. If all else fails, plan to meet elsewhere
  • Keep quiet about your trysts. The best way to let the cat out of the bag about your activities is to boast. Confiding in friends may be fun and make you feel even more studly, but it may also leak out to others you don’t want to know. News like the fact that you’re seeing an escort is an interesting topic of conversation that is hard for others to avoid talking about. Keep the details to yourself and you are ensured discretion.
  • Never show up to your escort’s incall unannounced. Part of the way that discretion works so well is that it is planned and calculated. When you start being reckless with your actions, the discretion is lost. Showing up at your escort’s incall as a surprise could put her in a precarious position with friends, family members or a partner. If they are unaware that she escorts, your unexpected appearance may cause her questions that will reveal her secret. Not only is your privacy at stake, but she attempts to maintain discretion for the upkeep of her lifestyle, too. Respect her privacy and time, just as you expect her to with yours.

10 Hollywood stars you won’t believe used to escort

Everyone seems to have skeletons in their closets. Scandals about adultery, prostitution, racketeering, blackmail and extortion are abound in the media. Although, it seems that some people’s histories and previous scandals are forgotten after they hit it big on the Silver Screen, if you do enough research, it’s easy enough to find evidence of the rumors that have basis in truth. Additionally, tell-all biographies published many years afterward often reveal truths about lifestyles that publicists worked very hard to keep hidden.

Some of the best-kept secrets are held by those who worked in Hollywood. Hollywood is a rough town, and it’s always been challenging to get ahead there. Competition between starlets, leading men and others is stiff. Numerous actors and actresses have risen to stardom after stints with high-profile directors and producers on the casting couch. However, some had to resort to other activities outside of the casting room in order to put food in their mouths.

You will likely be surprised by some of the most famous alleged Hollywood escorts:

  1. Marilyn Monroe: Born Norma Jean Mortenson in 1926, Marilyn Monroe rose to fame as an actress, singer and all-around sex symbol. Spending the bulk of her childhood bouncing around between foster homes where she was sexually assaulted, Monroe quickly learned how to survive. At the age of 20, she garnered a modeling contract with Blue Book Modeling Agency. She was later signed by various movie companies including 20th Century Fox and Columbia pictures, failing to make any big film debuts. Between acting jobs and while looking for work, she turned back to modeling. She posed nude for $50 for photographer Tom Kelley in 1949. Until she hit it big with Asphalt Jungle in late 1950, she bounced around from assignment to assignment, hoping to make enough to support herself. It is reported that during this time, she was paid $500 per day for “hanging out” with directors and producers. It is also reported that a 15-minute sex tape exists of Monroe giving oral sex to a male actor. The film was released prior to Monroe’s rise to fame. The blonde in the picture may or may not be Monroe. In various biographies, it is written that Monroe admits to going on dates with men in order to get a good meal or money to pay the rent.
  2. Russell Brand: Although not quite the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Brand has his own version of star quality. Along with his successful career, he has a traditionally dramatic story that goes along with it. Sexually abused as a young child by his tutor, Brand was bulimic as a teen and introduced to sex by his father at age 16. (His father took him to Hong Kong, where he picked out a prostitute for his first sexual experience.) Brand admits his past as both a sex and drug addict (although he’s been sober since 2003), and he boasts that he has “shagged” at least 2,000 women during his life so far. The British Sun named him the “Shagger of the Year” for 2006, 2007 and 2008. During his teen years, he was admitted to the Italia Cont Academy in London to study theater. However, he was kicked out due to his destructive behavior. Following his dismissal, he earned income as an escort in order to pay his bills and to support his drug habit. Reports indicate that he knew many prostitutes and identified with their efforts and goals, so it was really no big deal to dabble in their world.
  3. Raquel Welch: She was a sex symbol long before her days as a prehistoric sex symbol in the flick One Million Years B.C. in the 1960s. Welch went by her maiden name, Raquel Tejada, and had quite a following as a high-end escort before she hit it big in Hollywood. Originally moving with her two children to Dallas, she started a career as a model for Neiman Marcus and a cocktail waitress. High-profile officials are also rumored to have enjoyed her company as an escort while she lived in Dallas. Regardless of where she had the most success as an escort, she was very comfortable with her naked body, having posed for Playboy‘s cover in 1979.
  4. Tony Danza: While Danza may have appeared as the star on Who’s the Boss? during the 1980s, he answered to another boss before he hit it big. His television career started in a boxing gym, when he caught the eye of a prostitute who passed along the number of a Hollywood producer she had become acquainted with. Information garnered from several memoirs of Hollywood insiders reveals that Danza was eye candy for Merv Griffin in the beginning of his time in Hollywood, being paraded around nakedly at parties and social gatherings.
  5. Brad Pitt: One of the biggest current superstars on the list, all-American Missouri boy Brad Pitt was a houseboy for two years before he hit it big with his first cast role on Dallas in the 1980s. When he came to Hollywood, he had $100 in his pocket and arrived late for an interview with gay soap writer Thom Racina. Racina didn’t have a role for him, but he had a job as his houseboy that he offered to Pitt. He moved in and ran errands, cleaned the pool, walked the dog and fulfilled other needs for Racina, in exchange for room and board.
  6. Joan Collins: Starting her acting career in England during the 1950s, she later moved to the states to pursue a movie career in Hollywood. Even though she was talented and had some credits to her name from the U.K., she still started at the bottom. To make ends meet, she worked as a high-end escort, getting to know all the producers and directors in Hollywood. After a successful career in both movies and television, she became associated with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who propositioned her to become a madam for him. She is also rumored to have assisted in building the escort empire of Heidi Fleiss.
  7. Denise Richards: Ex-wife to Charlie Sheen (who happened to be one of Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss’ best customers), Richards has appeared in several television episodes during the 1990s and movies, including a role as a Bond girl. Her early career included modeling when she first started her career. However, many insiders report that her career was launched through her involvement with the Heidi Fleiss escort service. She gained recognition through connections she met as an escort.
  8. Nancy Reagan: Although it’s extremely difficult to believe, Nancy Davis Reagan was a Hollywood escort, according to insiders. When she arrived in Hollywood, despite her beauty and charm, the studios had a difficult time casting her. As a result, she served as a “hostess girl”. She helped wine, dine and entertain actors the studio wanted to recruit. She dated several actors including Clark Gable, Robert Stack and Peter Lawford; she had quite a reputation for her abilities to give great oral sex. Despite her reputation, she eventually married Ronald Reagan and later served as First Lady. Whatever the rumors, it’s quite doubtful that she continued her hostess duties in Washington.
  9. Al Pacino: Known for his breakthrough role in The Godfather, it’s difficult to believe that Al Pacino would have ever needed to sell his body in order to support himself. However, this Oscar winner spent time during his early career homeless and looking for a meal. Having traveled back to Sicily, Italy, after dropping out of school, he found himself struggling to make ends meet. He said in an interview in the New York Post,

    At 20, I lived in Sicily by selling the only asset I had – my body. An older woman traded food and housing in return for sex.

    When he moved back to the States, he still found himself in financial hardship, homeless and looking for work, despite his efforts to jumpstart his acting career. It is unclear whether his escorting career continued at this point in his life, before he became famous.

  10. Sophia Loren: A sex symbol the world over, Loren worked as a young teenager during World War II to put food on her family’s table by pleasing gentlemen in the neighborhood and surrounding areas as a prostitute. Even though she was scarily skinny (as most girls were during this period in Italy), she was known to clients as “La Simpatica”. She hooked up with most of her clients through the pub her mother opened in their living room. She waited the pub, which was a popular hang-out for American soldiers. She entered a beauty pageant at age 15, meeting her future husband, who then was 37. They later married and the rest is history.

Quick Tips for the First Time Escort Customer

A few tips for those just getting into the hobby

Escorts don’t sell sex.
Escorts offer themselves as company.
Escorts don’t talk about sex and neither should you!
Leave the money on the dresser or coffee table in plain view.
Again, don’t talk about sex.
Have your ID available if the Provider wishes to see it.

Privacy vs. Verification

You need to have anonymous email accounts for the internet. You can use aliases to protect your anonymity, but eventually you will need to allow the escort to verify who you are. If an escort cannot determine that you are not a vice cop or something, you are leaving it up to them to not see you, or take a chance on meeting an undesirable client. Show her some trust and respect, she is taking as much a risk as you are.

This just makes everything more expensive, and less pleasant. If your escort never has to deal with no-shows, undercover police, bad apples of any kind, then she/he will provide you a better service, and will be less expensive for you as well.

Tips for Escort Etiquette

In order to enjoy the services of a female escort, you need to learn how to discuss her adult services correctly. In order to discuss anything intelligently, you need knowledge. Escorts do not sell sex! As a matter of fact, you can pretty much insure yourself a really bad experience with any escort if you ask her how much it would cost to have sex with you.

Escorts are like any other woman, if you are nice, clean, respectful, polite, and fun to be with, she will probably like you enough to consider getting closer to you. But you have to do your part first. If you walk into this with any expectations, you’ll only disappoint and frustrate yourself.

Leave the donation for her time on the dresser. All escorts will tell you what they expect in pay, before they get there. Don’t make the escort ask you for money. You’ll only look like an amateur or a schmuck trying to rip her off!

Don’t talk about sex! Period!

Have your ID available, if asked, for the escort to examine if she/he chooses. If you don’t trust your escort enough to see your ID, then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. Escorts will be so much more comfortable with you and you will have a better experience if you follow this advice.

Lastly, don’t be mean or rude to her, don’t be high on drugs, don’t be drunk, don’t try to rip her off or “short” the donation envelope. If you treat her badly in anyway, not only won’t she ever see you again, she may put you on a bad client list type web site that warns other escorts about you like NationalBlacklist. Then other escorts won’t see you because you’ve been blacklisted.

So, just think of her like any other date and have fun and be cool.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Escorts

Yahoo! Search Marketing Searches On Site: 384,545 according to the January 2007 report from Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Although the thrust of what they offer is basically the same, escorts or call girls can be distinguished as something completely different than prostitutes. Escort services generally restrict their hires to attractive, personable women without visible drug problems. Men who use escort services tend to be far more discerning clients than the typical john, and often enlist escorts for actual escorting services, such as for dinner and drinks, in addition to — or even in lieu of — sexual services.

Use of paid sexual services is a more prevalent practice than you think. In 1992, the National Health and Social Life Survey indicated that around 20% of American men paid for sex at least once. And that’s probably a slightly low estimate, since there’s good reason to believe that some of the survey participants chose not to offer full disclosure. So, though you might have a hard time getting one in five of your friends to admit that they’ve visited an escort, the sheer volume of sex services advertised on the internet says otherwise. With that in mind, here are five things you may not have known about escorts.

1- Escorts are rated on the internet

In this age of blogging, it is increasingly common for advocates and “experts” everywhere to take to the internet and offer both solicited and unsolicited opinions on any number of topics. As such, it should come as no surprise that the practice of rating and offering advice on choosing a particular escort has extended to the web.


On sites like, and customers offer ratings regarding the services of certain escorts and agencies as a public reference for others to browse. Of course, such sites are potentially victim to the usual pitfalls of anonymous internet postings, as agencies and escorts can plant positive comments to falsely tout themselves. On the flip side, customers have been known to blackmailescorts with the threat of giving a bad rating unless extra sexual services were offered.

2- Escorts go on tour

It may not invoke the type of glamour seen during a Led Zeppelin world tour (though the debauchery scales are probably reasonably comparable), but in Western Europe the practice of “City Tours” for escorts has become a more prevalent phenomenon. In essence, escorts leave home to increase their income streams.


On these tours, call girls from the more economically depressed Eastern European countries, such as the Ukraine and Hungary, are brought into Western European cities for two-week stays to service a parade of wealthy johns. Agencies book a room in a business hotel for each escort, who then receive customers all day long. Escorts are often exploited and overworked in these setups, but often go along due to the lucrative nature of the work.

3- Escorts can make a lot of money

Well, at least some escorts are able to. For the most part, North American escorts who work for respectable agencies pull in anywhere from $150 to $400 per hour, depending upon demand and services offered. More distinguished escorts (those with particular skills, fetishes, specialties or great beauty) can charge in excess of that. Finally, very high-class escorts, especially those catering to an executive clientele, can pull in around $1,000 per hour.


Know the laws and the lingo that surround escorts…

At the top of the pyramid, there is a very small group of elite escorts who generally work out of major cities and service the multimillionaires, celebrities and pro athletes. These escorts have the ability to pull in fees that would make the finest corporate lawyers in the world green with envy. In 2007, New York magazine stated that one particularly well-regarded New York-based escort was making in excess of $2,000 per hour during her heyday. There are reports of some select escorts making even more than that.

4- Different countries offer different services

The legality and status of escort services vary according to which country you’re in. In Canada, prostitution itself is legal, but street prostitution is discouraged due to the illegality of services surrounding it, such as pimping and negotiating a sex-for-money deal in a public place. That’s where escort services come in. To maintain a veneer of legality, agencies perform a middleman service; they arrange a meeting between the escort and the client without explicitly stating what will transpire.


Many other countries have similar regimes, but some countries have prostitution laws that are particularly arcane and nonsensical. For example, it is legal to pay for fellatio, but not for vaginal intercourse in Japan. Most Western European countries have more relaxed prostitution laws — in fact, in some of these countries prostitution is a positively respectable, mainstream occupation. In anything-goes Amsterdam, escorts are now tax-paying, unionized professionals.

5- Escorts have a secret lingo

In order to skirt prostitution and pimping bans, escort agencies are careful not to explicitly advertise that its escorts are exchanging sexual favors for money. As such, agencies and clients have developed a lexicon of coded internet slang and abbreviations that allow for the communication of what services will be exchanged. This practice was developed for use in areas (mostly in the U.S.) where prostitution laws are strictly enforced and the lingo has a strong presence on most English-speaking escort sites.


Examples of escort codes include BBBJ, which indicates that a client will receive oral sex without a condom, while a CBJ indicates oral sex with acondom. A “girlfriend experience” or GFE implies an experience that is more affectionate than the typical “mechanical” sexual encounter. The GFE features a “warm” escort who will engage in such activities as open-mouthed kissing and cuddling — you know, girlfriend stuff.

A myraid of governments have tried to eradicate prostitution by making it illegal and imposing harsh penalties; however, like similar attempts with other vices, such as gambling and drugs, such efforts have consistently failed due to continuous demand. Many men have trouble initiating a relationship, have little time for a relationship or simply enjoy the sexual variety, and escorts have provided an outlet for such desires with a safer, cleaner and more attractive reputation than street prostitutes.

Men will always be interested in sex and certain men will always be interested in paying for it. The rise of the internet has caused a huge boon to the escort industry. Aside from the obvious safety and cleanliness issues, internet sites provide johns with a greater choice, an opportunity to preview particular escorts and a modicum of confidentiality. As such, the number of working escorts, as opposed to street or brothel prostitutes, has increased significantly in the past decade.’s Analysis
Longevity of this term’s popularity – 9/10

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