Pussy Insurance

With Valentines Day being just days removed, I would like to talk about a very serious topic for those of us not in relationships on this day:  Pussy Insurance.  I was “introduced” to this hot girl through an online dating site about two weeks ago and we hit it off.  Similar family backgrounds, taste in […]

Caution? Or Racism?

It’s not exactly a secret. You see it everywhere. On the majority of escort’s main website, or on their ads that they post to BP, and perhaps even here, at Erotic Monkey! There’s an elephant in the room worth mentioning, and it’s a black one. “Please no black men.” “NO AFRICAN-AMERICANS!” “Do not call if […]

Lost my virginity to an escort. Unexpected results Ensued. What happened your first time?

So, I’m a 20 year old guy. Was a virgin this morning. I had decided a while ago that I was sick of the V-card and wanted to get rid of it. I also didn’t want to be extremely awkward and have no idea what I was doing when I actually have sex with someone […]

Earning Your Escort’s trust.

Trust, like love, is such a fickle thing. And in this particular aspect, trust is not just fickle, but an absolute luxury and privilege. You hear of stings and undercover cops all the time, which might cause a bit of paranoia in the minds of those that want nothing more than to call up a […]

What Makes a Good Client?

Almost everything that makes a client good is motivated by respect for the escort. A good client recognizes the escort as an individual. First and foremost, a good client is a man who recognizes that his paid companion is an individual woman and he respects her as a person. This usually requires some maturity in […]

How to keep escort encounters discrete

The reason that indulgences with the escort industry are so successful is discretion. The business would not be beneficial to anyone if it were conducted openly, in the public, in the view of clients’ family members, friends and colleagues. As they are learning the ropes, escorts discover the significance of acting in such a manner […]

10 Hollywood stars you won’t believe used to escort

Everyone seems to have skeletons in their closets. Scandals about adultery, prostitution, racketeering, blackmail and extortion are abound in the media. Although, it seems that some people’s histories and previous scandals are forgotten after they hit it big on the Silver Screen, if you do enough research, it’s easy enough to find evidence of the […]

Quick Tips for the First Time Escort Customer

A few tips for those just getting into the hobby Escorts don’t sell sex. Escorts offer themselves as company. Escorts don’t talk about sex and neither should you! Leave the money on the dresser or coffee table in plain view. Again, don’t talk about sex. Have your ID available if the Provider wishes to see […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Escorts

Yahoo! Search Marketing Searches On Site: 384,545 according to the January 2007 report from Yahoo! Search Marketing. Although the thrust of what they offer is basically the same, escorts or call girls can be distinguished as something completely different than prostitutes. Escort services generally restrict their hires to attractive, personable women without visible drug problems. Men who use escort services […]

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