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Out of this World

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My name is Hextyn and I am out of this world A deliciously different doll-faced beauty, I am slight in stature with shapely legs, small hands, and feet. Perfect pink nipples top my tender breasts, and I probably don’t have to tell you about the legions that have desired to worship my pleasingly plump, round rear. My skin is creamy and soft, with a dusting of coppery freckles (to match my natural hair color) on my shoulders and across my rosy cheeks. My fair complexion means all-natural grooming allowing you to revel in my soft, golden body hair. This subtle downy layer holds my fresh sweet pheromones, intoxicating your inner animal. I am an aficionado of black ink tattoos and display exquisite erotically charged illustrations on my flank and favorite erogenous zones. My eyes reflect simmering layers of blue-green. There was a vibration somewhere deeper that got you here. Sure, I’m pleasing to the eye, but you were drawn by my self-possession. There is grace and confidence in my step that I’ve acquired through years spent abroad. I have studied several languages and earned a graduate degree. I have found myself at home in a dazzling array of artists’ cooperatives, woodland communities, and capital cities. I live in harmony with myself, which allows me to push the boundaries of my experience.  I am not your quotidian companion. It would require a strategic outfit to completely cover my artwork and some primping to prevent general fascination with my style (though I will serve business-executive chic at your request). People will wonder about our connection and what you are doing with such a wild creature. Our ebullient chemistry will have bystanders wondering if we are fresh from the sheets or about to fall back into them. And it will speak volumes about your own exuberant lust for life. My passion is well-developed. Understand that I’ve spent my life studying and practicing the art of eroticism. I hold space for endless variations on your exploration. I effortlessly shapeshift from soft, sweet seductress to provocative temptress to wickedly indulgent mistress. I am the eye of the storm, so you will be comfortable and grounded even though you are encompassed by electrically-charged air. Truly my delight is bringing out the pervert in you. Don’t be shy; you found me for a reason. If you need a discrete partner in perversion and you want a refined atmosphere in which to plumb these secret depths, then you have come to the right place. Some people find my interests perverse, others find them as pedestrian as baseball and apple pie. Worship me willingly. Let me sensually dominate you. Beg me to baptize you with my sacred waters. You can watch as the rain falls, you can wash yourself in it, and you can surely drink this delicious nourishment. For those interested in going further, I am always at your service. All you have to do is let me know that this is what you are looking for. This kind of intimacy is not for the faint of heart, but please know that I do not enjoy cruelty. I love turning the tables, gently, to allow you to receive. Prostate stimulation may be a bit of an undiscovered realm for you, or it could be something for which you’ve already drawn your map, founded the first town, and minted your own currency. Either way, it’s something that I enjoy providing. There are subtle beginnings to this route, with a tongue and light pressure massage. Then there are fingers, wands, and other toys. Maybe my tiny hands will transform into slithering snakes and slip further into you than you had even permitted yourself to want. And I sincerely enjoy modeling my strap-on harness and toys and will heap adoration and praise onto those who offer oral worship or make themselves prone to submission. I like to set people free, and if that’s too presumptuous, then at least I can strive to alleviate the feelings of ambivalence that accumulate from daily tedium. Our time together will be a journey from t…


St Patrick’s Weekend, 2024 Up to 90 minutes – 1500 2 hours – 2000 4 hours – 3000 Overnight – 6000

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Age: 37 Breast Size: 33 – 35 A Availablity: Incall , Outcall

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Phone no: Email id: hextyn.com My Website:

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