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Gorgeous, highly-educated luxury companion *** VISITING SAN FRANCISCO IN MAY *** Someone told me once that life doesn’t begin until you’re thirty. That would make me, what, minus two? The possibilities are endless, and they excite me to no end. I truly feel like the world is my oyster, like I could go anywhere or do anything! I completed a Master’s degree in 2014, and I am currently exploring the (incredible!) feeling of freedom that comes from leaving school after many years of hard work. I am truly ready to unwind! My plans for the next little while include traveling, gallivanting, and indulging in as many of life’s pleasures as possible. Won’t you join me? As far as I’m concerned, life’s adventures are best enjoyed when they are shared. Human beings thrive off each other. We need each other. That bonding, that connection, is what makes us feel alive, fulfilled, and truly whole. Intimacy, connection, chemistry – these are necessities. When we meet in person, you will find me warm, friendly, and affectionate. I love to flirt and laugh, and I am a sucker for good jokes (or bad ones, if that’s all you’ve got prepared). I spend the majority of my free time maintaining bonds with friends and family. I value people above possessions, and I know that my friends are those who will be there for me through thick and thin. Although I am highly social, I am not a social butterfly. I prefer to build strong, selective relationships. You might wonder if I’m truly prepared for the adventures that await us. I am only minus two, after all. Its a fair question, but I assure you, despite my lack of years, I have experienced a lot. In addition to completing a master’s degree, I have held jobs in other fields, I have taken dance classes and voice lessons, and I have explored some incredible parts of the world. In the past year alone I have gallivanted about London, Tokyo, New York City, and San Francisco. One of my all-time favourite memories is of hiking between the towns of the Cinque-terre in Italy. Another is of strolling through the streets of Venice on a humid summer night. I am definitely ready for our adventure. Let’s begin our journey – our friendship – soon. The easiest way to get in touch with me is to send me an email. Tell me a little bit about yourself, and let me know when and where you would like to meet. I am based in Vancouver and travel regularly to NYC, Seattle, and San Francisco. I am available almost anywhere in the world upon request. I offer the following packages: 2 hours / 2,000 4 hours / 3,000 8 hours / 4,000 16 hours / 5,000 24 hours / 6,000 48 hours / 10,000 I am so looking forward to hearing from you! Yours truly, Holly

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