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Madame X – A Cure for the Common Day

About Me

We all have secret desires. From a distance, your life looks fairly put together. Besides attaining a reasonable slice of success and achievement, you keep your bills paid, your social calendar full, and your home life satisfactorily serene. All this takes focus, that much is true… but behind it all, you’ve become so keenly aware of the carnal desires that distract you. Of course, you know that pleasures of the flesh are not a unique temptations, but you know that no one would guess, no one could know, the depth of the desire that you keep so carefully covered underneath that polished facade. You and I share a similar secret… Ivy League educated and out earning more accolades, I know the tight hold it takes to maintain a professional life. While my looks and charm have often been complimented, my other talents have moved me to the forefront of my career. Of course, it’s impossible to be all work and no play, and I have made sure to fill my years with enough excitement to make for an interesting memoir. Still, it’s all too easy to put physical fulfillment aside in pursuit of higher cerebral satisfaction and get caught in the daily grind. However, my body will not be ignored… especially not by you. I could be your secret. Away from all other eyes, we can truly see each other as the carnal creatures we wish to be. We can experience the sharp thrill of seduction by a stranger’s hand, as well as the comfort of an embrace from a familiar friend. Our time together can be the perfect mix of edge and intimacy, fantasy and reality, chemistry and poetry. Between you and I, there need be no more secrets. Where does our story begin? I’ll be visiting White Plains from 2/19 until 2/21, but of course our paths can cross at any place, and any time, with the proper preparations. Visit my site,, to begin getting ready for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, we both know it won’t be just once…


2-3 hours – 1000 For longer engagements, please see my website

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