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One good answer to this ad would make me very happy–I have a full life and just date occasionally, to add some spice. Extra points if you didn’t have to look up GGG. Some basics now… and if you want more, scroll down. I like a good reader! But first: I don’t lie. The photos are recent and not 20 pounds ago, and I certainly wouldn’t post a younger age… I want a first meeting to start with “wow, that’s much better than I thought!” instead of a disappointment. Check TER reviews. Meeting someone new, getting to know each other bit by bit, anticipating the next date.. it’s all a big turnon for me… but first I need to know whether I want to connect, so it would be great if you can introduce yourself via email. Couples are VERY welcome, I’m a true bisexual and get a lot of satisfaction from interacting with a loving couple. One hour: $600 90 min: $750 Two hours :$900 over night: $1400 travel: $1500/day plus expenses I have a great reputation as a provider for sensual/tantric massages, but reviews are under a different name. Just ask me, I’m happy to send you links and verify the email address. You can also find all info on TER if you look for “Monika Scholl”. Massage can of course be part of my GGG GFE sessions, just ask! If you’re interested in meeting me in the future, but not right now, please still send me an email–this ad won’t be here for long. I’m always happy to start by email now… and then meet in person next year! I hope it will be sooner, though… Monika P.S. If you like reading, and you want to know more about me: My goal is not to start a career as a pro escort… but I do enjoy the fantasy. My real job is demanding and very busy, a lot of responsibility. It’s rewarding to give talented young people opportunities, training, and a sense of accomplishment–and it’s a big part of what I do in “real life”. So I just don’t have time to invest in professional photography and an elaborate website. As you’ve read above, I used to do sensual massage sessions, and I had a nice website then. Regular clients still come to see me, a lot of them are only in town once per year. I like these connections, and over the years some feel like old friends. Since I’ve been missing the excitement of meeting new people, in new circumstances, and I’ve felt a lack of adventure in my life, I put this ad together. I hope you see a unique benefit in meeting someone who is not depending on this income, someone who never has more than five clients, someone who just wants to explore her desires more. Connections happen in three areas: mental, physical and emotional. Often the mental connection comes first and can lead to the other two. I like to cover the surface of what’s possible mentally with a couple of emails… then I have an idea of a level of courtesy and literacy, and hopefully some basic information. Physical connections are what I’m after in the long run.. but it probably starts mentally. Can we do that by email, perhaps? Then we don’t need to sit on the couch and make small talk. So yeah… I’m all for multiple-hour dates, but could we get close first and order room service later? Eventually it would be great to travel together, but that’s only when everything else works well. I can be great, low-maintenance company. Exploring new cities by myself is one of my favorite things… so don’t worry about having to entertain me. Reading is one of my pasttimes. Business books are a necessity, but I actually enjoy them. Fiction is my relaxation reading. For fitness I do a lot of yoga with strength-building exercises built in, and regular personal training. I can run a bit, like cycling, and I walk a lot in my neighborhood. If I can, I walk my errands. For vacations I like outdoor activities, I love (and crave) being on the water, swimming in the ocean, playing with the waves. Hiking is great, too, and I’d like a trip on horseback at some point in my life. I’m just not into winter sports. People tend to say I’m unique. But sometimes I think I’m just more honest than the average person… so I show off where I’m different, instead of trying to hide it. I know this is a lot of information… and if you’ve read it all, you might have an idea of who I am. When you meet me, you’ll know a lot more very quickly. By now you might also be aware that I like receiving long emails… so go for it! If you like reading even more…    
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