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Individually we are each a force of nature…together we are an unbeatable duo team! Sensual, versatile, and playful rendezvous, solo or duos

Crysta and M have been working and playing together in and out of work for over 10 years. Our long history of adventures together leave us unsurpassed as a duo team, able to seamlessly flow in our sessions together no matter what type of play is at hand. Sensual pampering, role play, & fetish-friendly is just the tip of the iceberg on our possibilities together… Are you ready to feel like a King for a Day? Or perhaps you want to grovel at the feet of 2 lovely Sensual Dommes?

Here is a bit more about each of us as individuals-

Crysta Heart (blonde)

I am intense, refined, discrete and very playful. I am multi-faceted and comfortable in any social situation. Seeking to develop a connection that will exquisitely enrich both of our lives! It is a privilege to provide a fantasy experience for you. I am deeply fascinated in exploring your alternate reality. It is with great pleasure that I am able to further assist you with the discovery of your unadulterated secret desires. Allow me to share your impulsive curiosities. Escalating the imagination outside that of the average invitation. I promise to relieve your stress and help you escape reality. Variety…Versatility…Taking on a different persona. Increasing the detail of our script. Exploring areas of curiosity, not as oneself, but in a role taken from your imagination.

One objective I seek is to maintain top-quality values in client service. I have an impeccable reputation for elite service with an unpretentious attitude. Respect is instinctive. Discretion and diplomacy held in the highest regard. My professional ethics are the crucial to ensuring that your fantasy experience will remain completely confidential.

Sensual Muse ~M~ (redhead)

Do you appreciate the art of seduction? A well planned foray of the senses? Conversation that is engaged and stimulating? Play that results in a high from endorphins, forcing the days stress to surrender and retreat?

Are you looking for an unconventional relationship? A secret sanctuary that allows you to explore your deepest desires, without adding any extra obligation or stress? A willing playmate with the skills to lead, follow, and inspire?

I am a tall, athletic redhead with an all-natural body that is firm with full hips and derrière. In public, I will dress either conservatively, or to blend in, in order to assure discretion for both of us. In private, I enjoy fine lingerie, garters and stockings, lace, leather and latex. My tastes run the gambit from tantra or taboo role play, to high-energy work outs or sensual Domination. I love to laugh, connect with like-minded people, and show new friends how our time together can be more than just a business exchange.

Discerning men, women and couples, I humbly offer myself as a conduit for your self-exploration and expression.


Please be sure to see each of our individual sites (linked here) for complete information about us. We operate independently and handle our own scheduling. Please carbon copy via email any duo requests to both of us with your screening information in order to expedite the scheduling process and keep communications clear for all involved.

Whether one-on-one or as a dynamic duo, we look forward to our upcoming play in the Boston area soon!

Crysta & M

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