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You need what you need, you want what you want and there is never any shame in being both gloriously human and deliciously all grown man. My space is a cozy and lovely private space that is clean, attractive and relaxing. Subdued lighting, thoughtful decoration, and a serene, cave-like atmosphere create a beautifully warm and intimate environment that will allow you to immediately relax and escape from the world outside before your session even begins. Once started, you will enjoy an outstanding experience that is organic, healthy and customized for your individual needs and preferences with me; an intelligent, warm and enthusiastic, low volume provider who loves what she does and loves doing it to you! Signature Services: 250 – The Classic (Esalen style) Massage This is the Golden Goose of massage. and you have an hour on the table that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more, every time. This massage includes tantric male spot massage work but it is completely optional and not required. Every inch of you from head to toe is given the royal treatment with real, fragrance free massage cream and deep tissue techniques can be focused on any area that you ask. If you have a kink that needs attention, I am happy to help you work it out! 300 – The Tantra Experience More intimate, more playful and more about sharing with each other instead of simply passively receiving attention, this is tantra. This is about slowing down, paying attention and making things last as long as possible. When it comes to your play time, quality time is what it is really all about. Tantra has as many styles of practitioners as it has seekers with various experiences and as a result, no two sessions will ever be the same. You can never step into the same river twice and in this river of cleansing, healing energy, you will also never have the same tantra experience twice, even if we appear to be the same people on the outside. This is a shame free zone and if you are looking for a loving experience where a hug, a kiss and a deep gaze into your eyes is sincere and given with a genuine, playful smile, this is where you want to be. Tantra is all about exploring the love and joy in your erotic potentials. Come and rediscover your happy. 350 – NURU Temple Goddess Wrestling It’s here, its wet, its messy and it is amazing. If you are a fan of slippery, sensual and playful wrestling then you are going to LOVE this. Its like sensual oil wrestling without the aggravation of trying to clean up baby oil and alot more friendly and forgiving than a typical fetish wrestling session. Please note that this is NOT a competitive wrestling session. This is a pain free zone and unnecessary aggressiveness or joint compromising competitive techniques will end your session. After an exhausting, exhilarating and erotic wrestling session, enjoy being treated to a thorough sponge bath for your clean up that will send you on your way clean, rejuvenated and happy in ways that only a sensual, slippery wrestling match and a sexy sponge bath clean up can do for you! Remember! This must be scheduled at least 8 hours in advance because there are special accomodations and equipment that must be prepared ahead of time, unique to this session. (Yes! A modified version of this is also available for outcall.) 400 – Outcall; All services This is a genuinely non-rushed, extended time and more flexible session that affords you everything you could want and more in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own space. Why travel if you don’t have to? Please note that I arrive discretely in conservative clothing and appearance. Requests for over the top “sexy” outfits upon arrival will not be honored. Please do not ask. Outcalls are only provided to hotels. Looking for Fetish or Fantasy? This and sensual domination are often my favorites so don’t hesitate to mention it!! – Not everything is for everyone so let’s see if we match first. The best sessions are the ones we both enjoy. There is typically no additional charge for fetish/fantasy/sensual domination unless you are asking for something a bit more… complicated. So no trouble, just ask! I love grown ups and older men are encouraged to call. Maturity is celebrated here!

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