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YOUR LUXURY COMPANION If you’re looking for a sophisticated, well-traveled, open-minded, sensuous, and most importantly, intelligent woman, then you have found your match. I am educated and hold a college degree from a respected University. I am currently furthering my education, and am working toward an Advanced Degree. When it comes to education, I am well-rounded with my studies consisting of both the liberal arts as well as the sciences. I am forever curious, and truly enjoy learning both in and out of the classroom. My curiosity is what led to the creation of this website and alter-ego, Vera, that you so desire to meet! If you noticed, I spoke first about my education. Many companions have model quality looks, but not all hold a degree and place an emphasis on being well-rounded. If you’re curious about whether I have modeled, well of course I am a published model. I am proud to say that I am extremely adventurous and live life to the fullest! I am always looking for a new place to visit or a new cuisine to try. From West Lake in Hangzhou, to the World’s Fair in Shanghai, to the Crazy Horse in Paris, to Jeita Grotto, to the casinos in Monaco, to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean…. I have experienced, and we will never run out of exciting things to converse about. I love different cultures. I am a worldly woman, and my travels have opened my mind to people and places. If you’re open-minded and love new experiences, then let’s exchange good energy, and create a time that you can fondly recall. I am selective about who I choose to spend my time with, just as you should be selective about who you choose to spend your time with. I know you have many options in the luxury companion world. I can confidently say that I will be a unique encounter that will forever change your view of companions. I prefer to see a few select gentlemen rather than having multiple encounters. I have found that older gentlemen who are 50+ are my favorite. I suppose men are like wine, and tend to get better with age. I typically cater to wealthy business executives from around the globe as well as other high profile individuals. I assure you that you are safe and discreet with me. I also assure you that wherever we may end up, I will blend seamlessly whether at a business function or at Monnaise de Paris indulging at “Guy Savoy”. Lastly, one thing that has been said repeatedly in a positive tone is that I am not a commercial companion. I have been told I am more of the “girl next door”. While I have experiences that most “girls next door” do not share with me, I have managed to stay grounded and down to earth. While material things are nice, good energy and good people are much more important to me. If you’re more into the companion who has the slick straight hair with red lips and dark eye make-up, a short skirt or dress, and is relatively aloof, then there are so many lovely ladies to choose from. I am different in a good way. I am genuine yet discreet. That brings me to another point. I understand you need to be discreet. I respect that. Please respect me when I cannot tell you details about myself. I hold many awards and accolades that you’ll never know simply because they are identifying characteristics. What fun is life without a bit of mystery? Our Adventure When I arrive for our adventure together, I will wear light make-up and casual or elegant attire depending on my mood or your request. On a day to day basis, I do not wear “Haute Couture” pieces although I have owned a few. I am quite simple, really. If you insist, then please feel free to gift such an item. If you have any special requests, please feel free to let me know. If you tend to be nervous, then why don’t you let me give you a relaxing massage. If you need a drink to ease your nerves, feel free. I will indulge in bottled water since I do not indulge myself with alcoholic beverages. I know… not even the finest of wines although I did have a weakness for Sauternes from Chateau d’YQuim that occasionally whispered my name. One thing I will not do is raise eyebrows. I prefer to turn heads. Discreetly, V P.S. While I have traveled extensively on my own, I regret to inform you that I am unavailable for travel outside of the Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, or Lousiville area due to my intense schedule at this time in my life. IMPORTANT: I in no way participate in or condone illegal activities. My rates are a nonnegotiable fee for my time and company only. Please DO NOT attempt to discuss any explicit or illegal activities with me by email, phone, or in person, ever. Contacting me by email and/or phone will constitute acceptance of the terms mentioned above. BENEFACTION: UP TO 2 HRS: $900 (MINIMUM) I understand that discretion is vital for some gentlemen, and am happy to book an in-call location. Please specify which area works best for you. The meeting location is n

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