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Art of desire, designed to inspire, sensual perfection to set you… ablaze. A A A About Me My Feminine Lust…I have an abundance of love to share with the world. By love I mean joy, sensuality, wonder, hilarity, exuberance and serenity. I exist in a state of mindfulness and ease, attuned to the climate of the moment so as to make the very best of every moment. It is my gift, this love, I offer to you. As an artist, I find that creativity blossoms and bares fruit when my body is nourished with sensual communion. I exalt in making connection – the sound of a voice in ecstasy, the smell, touch and taste of skin. The senses are my muses and they become boisterous when entangled in play with another body. My time with you is integral to my artistic process. You are indeed my patron. I am a dreamer and also grounded- exploring the ethereal quality of existence right along with the luxurious earthly delights particular to the human experience. When I am not in my art studio creating fantastical worlds, you can find me living it up in this one. I am electrified by both the awesome urban offerings of the Bay Area and its gorgeous natural settings. I do not take my healthy, athletic body and sharp mind for granted. I own my pleasure… listen to live music, dance, play in the ocean’s surf, hike, see theater performances, soak in hot springs, people watch at the park, indulge at a hip new restaurant, read at a cafe, kayak the bay, take a class, dress up for the opera, go climbing, wander museums… and I find inspiriation everywhere! I am fortunate to have traveled a good deal of the world and to have experienced a life of diversity. I have an open-minded, nonjudgmental attitude toward my fellows no matter what their cultural, religious or political views. Sincere regard for humanity guides my own actions and respect and gratitude are at the core of my relationships. I am blessed with higher education having graduated with a dual degree from an outstanding University. I am currently pursuing a Masters. Your Masculine Touch…You may be a man of great accomplishment, self-assured and confident, delighted at the bounty life has laid at your feet. You enjoy unhindered camaraderie, playful banter and lighthearted laughter as a break from the serious business of adulthood. Perhaps, like me, you hone vitality through sensory awakening – communication without words. Or are you shy, uncertain of how to adventure into the valley of feminine mystique, craving a warm place to explore your sensual nature? Well my good man, let’s celebrate one another! You will feel through my body that your body is fully alive and absolutely perfect. In my presense, affirm that you are an incredible, unique individual who deserves absolute bliss! You can rest assured that my time with you is honored as sacred domain. I am privileged to be your intimate friend and confidant, muse and be-mused! I am delighted that you are curious to know me in person. Your initial, brief introduction is the perfect place to convey that you are a considerate gentleman and have read my ad carefully. Please email me with the following information: Full Name Date, location, time and desired duration of our rendezvous (Please see weekly schedule below*) A means of verification (employment contact, two provider references, P411 etc.) A little about you to stimulate my curiosity and excitement over the prospect of our tête-à-tête! Up to…1hr 500, 2hr 800, 4hr 1500, 6hr 2000, 12hr 3000, 24hr 4500 Travel 20min outside downtown SF, 2hr minimum. DOUBLE THE LOVE: available with my gorgeous, glorious friend Sasha Cadeaux I enjoy a full life and the chance for connection is most likely with at least 24hr advance communication. I truly look forward to meeting! xxAmara Weekly Availability* M 4/20 unavilable Tu 4/21 unavailable W 4/22 8am-10am, 9pm-11pm (In/Out) Th 4/23 8am-3pm, 8pm-11pm (In/Out) F 4/24 unavailable Sa 4/25 1pm – 8pm (In/Out) Su 4/26 unavailable

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